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Therapist and Patient


I’ve Got Answers

How to become a Meeomer®?

Work together to save lives, earn endless charitable bonuses, and harvest meaningful and profound memories that belong to every MEEOMER®.


1. GM* (Gold Membership), 700 Euro per year, or consumed 700€ MEEs last year.

2. BDEM** (Black Diamond Elite Membership), Annual Fee is 7000€, or you used equal to or more than 7000€ MEEs.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

MEEOM® VIP Health Club members around the world have a fair process for obtaining customized nutritional energy MEE. 


A. become a Gold Member*, or

B. introducing by Black Diamond Elite® Members, become a BDEM**, and the details are as follows:


1. Received hospital diagnosis and medical test results of new Meeomer® introduced by members;

2. The German Precision Medicine research team of MEEOM® will decide whether to accept the new case within three working days according to the report;

3. If accepted, let new members donate according to their own situation;

4. If it is severe, enter a three to five month healing period. Whenever we think of more than 6,000 patients who have been diagnosed with stage 3 and stage 4 cancer by other doctors and are cured by MEEOM® Precision Medicine, we feel the JOY;

5. New members are cured, introduce new Meeomers®...

How can I start working with MEEOM®?

Tell us what you want and meet a Meeomer® today. MEEOM® Precision Medicine, AKA "MEEOM® WorldWide Health Systems", MEEOM® serves with Pride and Care. MEEOM® is the fastest growing Precision Medicine Charity in the world.

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